Restless and inventive; collaborative and creative, Matia is a dining
collective based in the exquisite San Juan Islands. Be it catering,
private dining, pop-up restaurants, or events, Matia provides a highly
curated and ephemeral dining experience, meticulously sourcing the
best and most compelling ingredients from our bountiful region,
creating unforgettable flavors and dishes. We are a dynamic and
energetic group determined to cook in the vain of "only here, only
now," celebrating local artisans and producers of the San Juans.

Though a young company, Matia is comprised of two separate,
distinct, and prolific careers. Spanning years in the restaurant
industry, our founders have served tenure at restaurants like Tom Douglas Restaurants, Stateside, The Willows Inn, and Hogstone, creating powerful bonds and accumulating skills and memories that inform our cooking today. We are ambitious and driven, inspired and experienced.

We are Matia